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If you already have an iPod and need to check which Satsangs or other material you are missing, please consult the Mediaseva Catalog.

Frequently Asked Questions

-------------How will the Tags/Titles display on my iPod or other MP3 player?--------

Each MP3 file includes five main Tags. Tags contain text information that helps to sort and categorize the MP3 files on your media player or computer. The five tags were originally designed for music releases, and they are called Title, Album, Artist, Genre and Year. These tags have been adapted to describe the content of each file in this collection.

Title Tag:
The Title is used to sort the Bhajans by title, in alphabetical order. For Satsangs that came from DVD, the sort is, first, by which Master gave the talk, then the date and location. The DVD number is included so you can identify which DVD the audio came from. If the talk was given a title by the editors of print publications, that information is included at the end of the Title tag. A short list of examples follows:
.Tere Naam Ne Banae -060
.Tere Prem Bavari Kita -096
SJ 1995 06 02 Venezuela Caracas #821 -Make Me Your Own
SJ 1995 06 03 Venezuela Caracas #822 -Those Who Obey The Father
SJ 1995 06 04 Venezuela Caracas #823 -To Die When Living
SJ 1995 06 05 Venezuela Caracas #824 -The Empty-Handed Gambler
SJ 1995 06 06 Venezuela Caracas #825 -Come, Come, Come To Me
SR 2004 10 15 Mexico Ciudad de #1312
SR 2004 10 15 Mexico Ciudad de #1313
SR 2004 10 16 Mexico Ciudad de #1314
SR 2004 10 17 USA Timber Cove #1321 -Attach Your Mind to The Feet of The Master
SR 2004 10 18 USA Timber Cove #1322 -Support for the Miserable Ones

Album Tag:
The Album provides a sort by year and location. This is a quick way to find a talk that was given at a specific place on any tour. For example, all the talks given by Sant Sadhu Ram Ji at Deland, Florida in 2005 are grouped within the last album in the list below. The number at the end of each album tag corresponds to the DVD set number used by to identify that group of DVDs. For example, 1380S is the set number which includes all DVDs from the Deland 2005 program. A short list of examples follows:
.Songs of the Masters
1964 USA Florida
1964 USA Washington DC
1996 USA NH Sanbornton Gift Of The Saints
1995 India Sampla #4174S
1995 India Sampla #938AS
2005 USA FL Deland #1380S

Artist Tag:
The Artist sort provides an easy way to scan through the talks or bhajans by a certain Master.
Kirpal Singh Ji
Sant Ji
Sadhu Ram Ji

Genre Tag:
This tag is used in two ways. The first way allows you to scan through just bhajans, or just Meditation talks, or just Satsangs, as shown in the short list below. The second use of the Genre tag is to provide an alphabetical sort of Satsangs that were given titles by the editors of print publications. Many of Sant Ji's talks were lovingly titled by the staff of Sant Bani Magazine, so they are identified as "Satsang SJ" plus the name of the talk. This use of the Genre tag is a work-around for the fact that there are very few tags available to sort MP3 files, and people may want to find a talk by it's title. You can scroll down the list of genres to find the talk that you want. If a talk was not given a working title for publication, then the Genre tag is not useful to find it quickly. It would be faster to find it using the Album tag or Title tag, since those contain more details.
--Tour Scenes/Other
-Group Darshan, QA, Short Talks
-Meditation Talks
-Documentary: Baba Somanath
-Documentary: Kirpal Singh/Sawan
-Documentary: Sant Ji
-Satsang:ALL Masters -No Title
Satsang:KS How I Met My Master
Satsang:SJ Devotion to the Master
Satsang:SJ Steps of This Life of Love
Satsang:SR Golden Bird of the Soul
Satsang:SR The Five Dear Ones

-----------Does it matter what type of portable MP3 player I use?--------
No. We have tested these files with iPods and other MP3 players.

-----------Can I listen while driving?--------
Some car stereos include an auxiliary input jack on the front panel. You can plug your MP3 player into that. Another option is to purchase an FM Modulator. This small device takes the headphone signal from your MP3 player and converts it to a low-power FM radio signal which you can pick up using your car radio.

-----------Will this collection be updated?--------
Yes. Sant Sadhu Ram is giving out many wonderful talks, and we hope to offer more archival recordings from Sant Ji and Master Kirpal Singh Ji in the future. We add these new releases to our website for free download.

If you need to check which Satsangs or other material you are missing, please consult the Mediaseva Catalog.
Please check back for further updates on the iPods.