Viewers FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

------- How do I know if a channel is live? -----------

When the LIVE Broadcast starts, you will notice the word "LIVE" in red.


------- How do I watch older programs -----------

Scroll down to Video Library. Navigate to the folder you want, click on it, and click any Satsang you wish to view.
The entire Mediaseva Archive is available in the Mediaseva page, under the Virtual iPod or Downloads buttons.


------- How do I participate in the chat? -----------

Click on the chat tab where it says "Type your chat message here." Please keep your name-handle color black. Choose a nickname, type what you'd like to say and click on "SAY! Please be respectful and do not write anything inappropriate in the chat!


------- How do I change my nickname? -----------

To change your nickname, click on the 'nickname' under the text tab. Enter your new nickname and press enter.


------- How do I watch a channel in full screen? -----------

From the channel page click on the full screen button.


------- How do I exit the full screen display? -----------

To exit the full screen display, press ESC or click on the 'shrink' button.


------- What is the Live Broadcast schedule? -----------

Constantly check the ticker to see latest updates for different time zones.
You will see the text scroll from right to left at the bottom of the viewing screen. Also, the events are listed at the bottom of the page. However, the ticker is the most reliable, since the schedule can change at any moment


------- I have a dialup connection, can I watch the Channel? -----------

Most likely you will need a Highspeed Internet connection to watch the channel. In our testing using the a Dialup connection did not work.


------- What do I do if channel stops working, or Video/Audio starts to breakup? -----------

First of all, you should close all other Web Browsers running on your computer. If you are running any other applications, that too could effect the viewing. We recommend that you close them also. If you are still encounting issues, close the web browser that you are watching, and start a new session. If it keeps happening, you might have to repeat the steps again.


------- How do I check my internet connection speed? -----------

you can go to or


------- For more information -----------

you can go to