mediaseva is dedicated to distributing the teachings of Sant Mat, as taught by Sant Sadhu Ram Ji, and his guru Param Sant Ajaib Singh Ji Maharaj (Sant Ji).

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  • Videos of current and past Masters, including Master Kirpal Singh Ji, Baba Somanath Ji, and Baba Sawan Singh Ji Maharaj. Available on DVDs, iPods and media players that connect to any TV.

  • Books as PDFs for free download, or for sale in hard copy or CDROM.

  • Bhajans of Sant Mat, from Kabir Sahib to Sant Sadhu Ram Ji.

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  • Live Broadcasts of the Master.

Our goal is to make these teachings available, regardless of financial need. This is a non-profit service; the pricing of DVDs, CDs, Magazines and shipping reflects the costs involved. Any excess is used for blank media, postage and supplies. If it is difficult for you to order due to financial hardship, we will do our best to provide what you need.

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Latest Additions

Jan.15, 2018: Added Bhajans #72-126
Enero 15, 2018: Se agregaron Bhayanes #72-126

Jan 2nd, 2018: December 2017 Program is ready and complete on Mediaseva Servers. Automatic Downloads Server is now ready.
Enero 3, 2.018: Ya está el Programa, listo para ver y descargar por Mediaseva y actualizado Sant Mat Castellano y el Servidor de Descargas Automáticas para Español.

Live Broadcast page - Transmisiones en Vivo:
There is a schedule guide for India Programs, since the time change - especially in the Americas - can be confusing.
Se ha creado una guía para ayudar a los amados, especialmente en los países Americanos, a tener una mejor idea de los horarios en Delhi.

Children & Diet - Chicos y Dieta
Oct. 21:
Added Seven Sant Ji Satsangs for Children.
Se agregó:
Nov. 24:
El Aspecto Espiritual de la Alimentación Vegetariana.
Oct. 21: Dos videos de Satsangs de Sant Ji con traducción al Español, la nueva carpeta de Sant Ji MP3 Castellano con Satsangs para niños y la revista Sobre los Padres y los Hijos.

Sant Mat Castellano:
Enero 31, 2018:
Se agregó el PDF del Bhajanero Provisional N. 1-126 - CORREGIDO.
Oct. 24: Se agregaron los MP3s (Hindi-Castellano) de Octubre 2017.
Sept. 19: Se agregaron los MP3s (Hindi-Castellano) de Agosto y Septiembre 2017, así como Sant Ji 1995 Sampla.

Master Kirpal with Subtitles - Current Total: 10 Videos
Added Jan. 31, 2018: Chastity/Castidad/Castitá
Added Sept. 30: Justice and Grace/Justicia y Gracia/Giustizia e Grazia
English: is under Master Kirpal folder in Downloads.
Español: Se ubica en la carpeta Sant Mat Castellano.
Italiano: Si trova nella cartella di Banitalia Italiano.

Banitalia Italiano: Nuovo PDF nella cartella 2006, Luglio - Dicembre, Los Angeles e New Delhi.

Punjabi, Oct. 21: three new Satsangs from August and September 2017 in 9 LM were added.

Picture Gallery:
January, 2018:
photos from Dec. 2017 were added.
Nov. 2017: photos from 2010 and 2016 were added.

Amados: para ver y descargar material en Español vayan a la carpeta Sant Mat Castellano, entrando por New Downloads.

Amati Italiani: per navigare nella cartella di Banitalia Italiano e vedere o scaricare video, MP3 e PDFs in Italiano fate click sul New Downloads.